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Deputy Dean – Academic
Deputy Head, Medical Research and Ethics
Asia Metropolitan University

Dr. Roy is a Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs and an Associate Professor of Public Health and Healthcare Management at Asia Metropolitan University, Malaysia. He is also the Deputy Head of Medical Research and Program Consultant in Master in Healthcare Management.

Dr. Roy is an award-winning researcher with an international reputation for excellence and innovation.  He is an editorial board member in several international journals, and his research works published in a variety of high impact journals.

He is one of the executive boards of Fight Cancer Global (USA), a large voluntary multi-stakeholder organization. The goal of the institution is to transform global cancer into one patient-centric community through global engagement and collaboration to improve cancer patient’s lives worldwide. Dr. Roy is also the international coordinator of Education Against Tobacco in Southeast Asia. He is making a significant contribution in addressing the social determinants of health tobacco prevention and cessation across South-East Asia. Recently, he led ground-breaking research related to mental health and quality of life during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis that participated in 45 countries.

Dr. Roy earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology and a medical degree from Saint Louis University, Philippines. He also finished his Masters of Public Health in the same university where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. Currently, he is pursuing his Ph.D. in Public Health at Monash University as a full scholar and Ph.D. in Education at Asia-E University.

Scientific Reviewers

The Scientific Committee consists of the experts in the field from many different countries in the world. The Committee Members evaluate your abstracts and provide insights to improve those further. According to the final decision given by them, you would be able to process further tasks for participating the conference.


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