dr. tom frieden, md, mphDR. TOM FRIEDEN, MD, MPH

President and CEO
Resolve to Save Lives
Unites States of America


Twitter: @DrTomFrieden

Dr. Frieden is a physician trained in internal medicine, infectious diseases, public health, and epidemiology.  He began his public health career in New York City confronting the largest outbreak of multi-drug resistant tuberculosis to occur in the US.  He was then assigned to India, on loan from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where he helped scale up a program for effective tuberculosis diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring.  Asked to return to New York City to become Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s Health Commissioner, he directed efforts to reduce smoking and other leading causes of death that increased life expectancy by 3 years.  As Director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Frieden oversaw the work that helped end the 2014 West Africa Ebola epidemic.  Dr. Tom Frieden now leads Resolve to Save Lives, a $225 million, 5-year initiative of Vital Strategies, which aims to save millions of lives from cardiovascular disease and make the world safer from epidemics.

Plenary Speakers

Ronny Lesmana


Global Chief Operating Officer
Fight Cancer Global
Unites States of America

Dr. Moe Abdo’s work has been centered on applying strategies to help mobilize the global community, creating the “healthcare activist” at every level in the cancer space from the patients and survivors to the clinical physician and bench scientist. The heart of his work has been his keen pursuit of applying technology to help make patient care more accessible while avidly networking among his fellow physicians and colleagues in the field of medicine.

His role with Fight Cancer Global is to lead collaboration at all levels of global partnerships thus promoting the vision and mission worldwide. As a global medical influencer and networker with a focus on patient-centered digital design to improve global healthcare, his proven track record in tech-enabled solutions in global health will help FCG transform innovative ideas into action.

Dr. Moe completed his undergraduate studies in Biology at the University of California, Irvine and pursued several years of research before completing his medical degree at Albert Szent-Györgyi Medical University in Hungary. Born and raised in California, he also lived and travelled throughout Europe and Asia. His grasp to learn new languages currently stands at four and this has helped him to move and to travel freely making new friends and learning new cultures along the way.

dr. peter daveyDR. PETER DAVEY

Deputy Director Griffith Partnerships Office
Program Director – Master of Environment
Griffith University

dr. peter daveyProf. Dr. Jamal Hisham Hashim

Director of Provenue Corporation Sdn Bhd
Visiting Professor of Universiti Selangor
and Universitas Diponegoro

Jamal Hisham Hashim is a visiting professor of environmental health at Universiti Selangor and Universitas Diponegoro. He is also a director of Provenue Corporation Sdn Bhd which specialises in health risk and impact assessment. He was formerly a research fellow at the United Nations University-International Institute for Global Health (UNU-IIGH) and Malaysia’s first appointed professor of environmental health at the National University of Malaysia (UKM). Prof. Jamal obtained his PhD in environmental health from the University of Michigan. He taught, conducted research and consultancy in environmental and occupational health at UKM and UNU-IIGH for 36 years, and supervised a total of 14 PhD students. His research interests are mainly on the health effects of heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, air pollution, risk assessment, and recently, climate change. He has been the principal and co-investigator of 19 research projects, and has over 410 publications and presentations to date, including 104 full articles in refereed and indexed journals. He is an editor of the Environmental Analysis, Health and Toxicology and Frontiers in Occupational Health journals. He has been engaged as an environmental health consultant in over 90 local and overseas projects, primarily in the area of environmental health impact and risk assessment. He has also been consulted by the World Health Organization, International Atomic Energy Agency, Risk Science Institute and the Institute of Medicine in the U.S., the governments of Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia and Saudi Arabia on various environmental health issues. He is a registered environmental impact assessment consultant with the Department of Environment, Malaysia, a member of the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health in the U.K., an honorary fellow of the Academy of Occupational and Environmental Medicine Malaysia and a council member of the Asia Chapter of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology. He sat on the Scientific Expert Panel of the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA), and currently chairs the Thematic Working Group of Environmental Health Experts under the National Environmental Health Action Plan (NEHAP).

dr. peter daveyDr. Tim Elwell Sutton

Assistant Director of Strategic partnerships (Healthy Lives
The Health Foundation, London
United Kingdom

Tim Elwell-Sutton joined the Health Foundation in June 2018 as Assistant Director of Strategic Partnerships in the Healthy Lives team, working to address the social determinants of health. Before joining the Health Foundation, Tim worked as Assistant Director and Consultant in Public Health in Thurrock Council where he commissioned a range of health improvement services and worked to strengthen prevention in children’s social care.

 He has worked to improve the public’s health in a range of public sector organizations in the UK including local authorities, Public Health England, and the Department for International Development. He also has experience of working with charities in Hong Kong and Nepal, where he worked on infectious disease control programmes. He has an MA in Human Sciences from Oxford, an MPhil in Medical Anthropology from Oxford, and a PhD in Public Health from the University of Hong Kong.”

dr. peter daveyProf. Dr. Tin Tin Su

Professor of Global Public Health
Interim Director, South East Asia Community Observatory (SEACO)
Monash University

Professor Tin Tin Su is a clinically qualified and active public health physician with expertise in social epidemiology, implementation science research, health system & policy, and community health development. She has more than 20 years’ experience in public health in both local (Malaysia) and international settings. Prof Su serves as Interim Director of the SEACO HDSS and that capacity has been invested in continuing to strengthen SEACO’s value in supporting locally contextualized and relevant policymakers.

Her research has been funded by the Newton-Ungku Omar Fund: Academy of Science Malaysia (ASM) and Medical Research Council UK (MRCUK); Newton Fund Impact Scheme (UKRI & MIGHT, Malaysia); MRC-UK, Global Challenge Research Fund; John Templeton Foundation (USA), Ministry of Education-Malaysia Research University Network (MRUN) Long term Research Grant Scheme (LRGS); University Malaya Flagship project, University Malaya Research Programme (UMRP) and various internal grants.

Su is one of the founding members of Asia Health Literacy Association (AHLA) and elected vice president 2014-2016. She obtained the Yufong International Health Literacy Award (2017) and Health Literacy Leadership award (2018) from AHLA. Based on the experience and success of AHLA, the International Health Literacy Association (IHLA) was founded to advocate for health literacy and promote health literacy continuing education and professional development. Su is an executive board member of the IHLA and director of the Asian region.

dr. peter daveyProf. Law Siong Hook

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM)

Law Siong Hook is currently a Professor in the School of Business and Economics of Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM). He holds a PhD in economics from the University of Leicester, United Kingdom. He was a visiting scholar at Department of Economics, University of California and  Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. He has published more than 120 articles in refereed journals, including 50 in journals indexed by Web of Science (WoS) and 84 cited in Scopus. Most of his published papers utilize panel estimation methods and time series analysis to address issues in development economics, institutional quality, human capital and health.

dr. peter daveyProf. Ashish Chandra, MMS, MBA, PhD

University of Houston – Clear Lake,
Texas (USA)

Professor Ashish Chandra is a Professor of Healthcare Administration, College of Business at the University of Houston-Clear Lake (UHCL), Houston, Texas, USA where he also served as the Department Chair for over four years at UHCL. All together Dr. Chandra has over 20 years of university level teaching experience in the U.S. He is a well-recognized healthcare administration academician internationally and serves on the academic advisory board of several educational institutions in Turkey and India. He had the distinct honor of being the Commencement Speaker at the 2018 December commencement of the University of Houston-Clear Lake, Houston, Texas, USA.

Dr. Chandra is a prolific researcher and has over 75 publications in refereed journals, three edited books, a dozen book chapters, and over 250 publications in conference proceedings. He is the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Hospital Topics (the oldest journal in healthcare administration field – almost 98 years in existence).  He has also served as a guest editor for Health Marketing Quarterly, and Management Decision journals.

Prof. Chandra has served as the President of FOUR major international academic organizations – the Business and Health Administration Association; the Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators; the MBAA International; and the Federation of Business Disciplines. He has also served as the Program Chair of over a dozen major international conferences, held in U.S., India, Turkey, and U.K. as well as aboard cruise ships in the Caribbean, Alaska, Baltics, Mediterranean, and China/Japan.  He serves as the Course Director of a 14-Hour ACCME Accredited Continuing Medical Education program on Medical Ethics held annually aboard cruise ships in different parts of the world.

Professor Chandra has received numerous awards and recognition related to teaching, research, and service, including the 2017 Excellence in Teaching Award by the National Society for Leadership Success; the 2015 Outstanding Professor Award given by the University of Houston – Clear Lake Alumni Association; the 2012 American College of Healthcare Executives Service Award; the 2011 Outstanding Educator Award from the Association of Collegiate Marketing Educators; the Irwin-McGraw Hill Distinguished Paper Award at three different international conferences; to name a few.

dr. peter daveyProf. Dr. Nanan Sekarwana dr., SpA (K) MARS

Dean, Faculty of Medicine
Universitas Islam Bandung

Prof Nanan Ssekarwana started his professional career as a Medical Doctor in Lampung, a remote area on Sumatra Island. He managed to increase the community’s health status, which granted him a commendation from the Ministry of Health as the best Health Centre Medical Doctor in 1980. He become a Professor in Paediatric while teaching in the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Padjadjaran. He published many articles in reputable journals. During that time, he also served as Director of West Java Main Hospital, Hasan Sadikin Hospital. He is an accreditor for Medical Faculty and assessed many Medical Faculties all over Indonesia. Prof Nanan is also an assessor on Hospital Management since his second degree is in Hospital Management. He is actively involved in many organizations at the National level. At present, he is the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Universitas Islam Bandung.

dr. peter daveyProf. Adnan Kisa, Ph.D., MSPH, MHA

Professor& Pro-Dean
Health Policy and Economics
School of Health Sciences
Kristiania University College
Prinsens Gate 7-9
0107 Oslo Oslo, Norway

Prof. Dr. Adnan Kisa received doctorate from Tulane University, School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine-USA, and has been working as professor of health policy and economics, and Pro-Dean at School of Health Sciences, Kristiania University College, Norway. He has also served in academic and leadership positions at several universities in Turkey prior to moving to Norway.

Dr. Kisa has an extensive global health and policy research experience focusing on health administration, health and economic development, health services utilization, comparative health systems, cost of illness, cost effectiveness of interventions in healthcare, and health outcomes research. Dr. Kisais a prolific researcher with more than 150 peer-reviewed published articles, books, book chapters, research reports in health policy and economics.  He has served as an advisory board member for many international health institutions, scientific boards, and editorial boards. Dr. Kisa was the Principle Investigator of the “Turkish National Burden of Disease and Cost Effectiveness Project” (Funded by the World Bank), is the principle investigator of  “Leadership and Communication Styles of Country Leaders in the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak Project” (Funded by Kristiania University College), and   is a collaborator for Global Burden of Disease-Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation at the UW-Seattle-USA, “WHO-Innovative Care for Chronic Conditions Project”, “WHO-Adherence to Long-term Therapies Project”, “WHO-World Health Survey”, and the “Value of Vaccination Research Network” at Harvard University.

Dr. Kisa have received numerous awards and recognition related to teaching, research, and service throughout his career. Dr. Kisa is also holding adjunct professorship positions at Tulane University, and the University of South Carolina in the United States.  He has also served as the Conference Chair and/or Host Institution Chair of the 2nd (2002) and 6th (2010) International Conference on Healthcare Systems.  He also serves on the editorial boards of several internationally renowned journals, including Hospital Topics, the oldest journal in Healthcare Administration field.